Anyline GmbH

Halle 3 EG / G55

Reconnaissance, security and surveillance technology, optronic, biometric and algorithm-based techniques, license plate recognition, photo and video technology + analysis
Vehicle and traffic technology (land, air, sea), traffic safety, management and monitoring, access control, drones/UAS - reconnaissance, defence and own use for authorities, robots, unmanned systems and vehicles
Personal documents, identification, authentication and residence monitoring

Anyline GmbH

Zirkusgasse 13 / 2b

1020 Wien


+43 1 997 2856

With Anyline, your officers can instantly people, vehicles and property with their mobile devices. Thanks to 99% accuracy, officers can scan IDs, license plates, serial numbers and more in seconds by simply pointing their phone camera at the required information. By connecting this data with your own current database, officers are able to access crucial information whenever they need it. This makes traffic stops and ticket issuing safer and easier to perform, reducing unnecessary radio communication and back office work, allowing your officers to be situationally aware at all time.