ACTinBlack Europe SARL

Halle 3 EG / E71

Reconnaissance, security and surveillance technology, optronic, biometric and algorithm-based techniques, license plate recognition, photo and video technology + analysis

ACTinBlack Europe SARL

12 Rue de l'industrie

3895 Foetz



ACTinBlack (ACT) is a leading developer and manufacturer specializing in Advanced Night Vision Optics. In addition to producing high-quality Night Vision Equipment, ACT is a recognized researcher in the field of Night Vision Technologies. Working with the world’s leading sub-suppliers as well as recognized experts in Optical and Night Vision research, ACT develops premier quality Night Vision products and solutions for law enforcement and military. ACT provides high-end products through years of experience and can offer qualified advice and service to fit the clients’ needs. ACT provides customer specific solutions within a short reaction time to solve the most difficult of challenges. Mission Statement: “The team focuses on bringing to life ACTinBlack night vision solutions, utilizing extensive experience, expertise and capabilities, whilst following a disciplined and structured set of processes, helping our partners to achieve their mission objectives.”